Friday, February 10, 2012

What to do this weekend? 40 Fun things to do with your kids

Wondering what you should do this weekend?  Run out of ideas or just need some fresh ideas of fun things to do?  Of course its all about what the weather is like so I thought of giving you some options because I am kind in that way;)

Out and About Activities for Children
1.  Zip sliding - enough said, read my post about this
 2. Head to the beach/ river/ dam/ friends pool - anything with water normally appeals to children
3. Go on a picnic - try something different - try a scavenger hunt, I spy, cloud spotting
4. Go to a park/ petting zoo/ farm

5.  Plant some seeds in the garden - find vegetables in your home that can be planted out - like peppers, tomatoes, butternut, squash
6.  Put a sprinkler on outside and while watering the garden, let the children play in the water
7.  Go on a hike, remember not to be too adventurous, don't choose a 2 hour hike with a 3 year old (like we did) as you may have to carry her most of the way (which we did)
8.  Blow bubbles or make your own
9.  Bike Ride - takes a bit of effort on your part but once you get going you won't be sorry
10. Head out to the local market but make sure the children eat before you go, otherwise you will spend a fortune
11.  Ball games on school fields or courts - tennis, cricket, baseball, soccer
12.  Hide and Seek - fun at home but try a different venue or place
13.  Hopscotch - just needs some tar or cement and a bit of chalk
14.  Outdoor cooking - BBQ, Braai, Potjie, Bread on a Stick
15.  Camp out in your garden
16.  Arrange a play date with family or friends in wide open spaces where they can run around and make a noise
17.  Make some mud in the back yard - let the children play with their trucks and cars in the mud
18.  Fruit picking - you get to pick, eat and if there is any left - make some jam too
19.  Go watch a sporting event - cricket, soccer, rugby - this will truly be a memory moment
20.  Eat out in a restaurant in a sunny spot with a view - next to the harbour, overlooking a dam, outside on the pavement, down at the docks

Rainy Weather Things to do
1.  Children have screen time due to them?  Why not let them try Reading Eggs?  You can sign up for 14 days free trial and its a super duper learning tool, they think they're having fun time but they are learning at the same time

2.  Puzzle - and don't go and spend money doing it either, take one out of the library, or borrow one from a friend
3.  Bake - any recipe with anything you have.  Dad might not get involved but I bet he would love to eat anything you make -  why not make some of those yummy jam squares?  And then invite another family to enjoy them with you

4.  Family read aloud - get an old favourite off the shelf and let dad read for a change.  Throw some blankets on the floor - bring out the Lego or the toys.  Try some of the funnies like Roald Dahl, Amelia Bedelia, Michael Maphurgo
5.  Movie Day - from the library or friends OR video store or online purchase
6.  Indoor Excursions -  Aquarium, Play Centres, Planetarium, Art Galleries, Museums, Ten Pin Bowling 
7.  Board Games - Scrabble, Monopoly, 30 Seconds, Charades
8.  Box Construction - give them all your empty cereal boxes, toilet rolls, egg cartons, all that junk you collect in your cupboard or under the sink (or is that just me?) and let them build whatever they want - robots, houses, machines. You will need glue (so best to keep them in a safe space) , scissors and some paint (for the very adventurous).  My eldest is 11 but he still loves this- our children have even created marble tracks, miniature skateboarding parks and cities.
9.  Dress up - little children especially love the chance to dress up in mom and dad's clothes.
10.  Call a friend on Skype - your kids will love this especially when they see themselves on the computer screen.
11. Go to the movies
12.  Make volcanoes with vinegar, bicarb and colouring!
13.  Visit an orphanage or animal shelter and volunteer for the day - remember to phone before you get there otherwise you might be disappointed and be turned away

14.  Head to gym - our gym has child care facilities for up to 2 hours.  Go gym and then have a date with your man in their coffee shop while the children are having fun.
15.  See a show (head to the theatre, watch a matinee)
16.  Go the airport, watch the airplanes land and take off and enjoy breakfast/ snacks/ drinks with a view
17.  Play games
18.  Make paper boats and go outside in the rain (yes that's right - let them play in the rain)  and watch them float down the gutter.  This truly was one of my favourite activities to do as a child.  I even used to add cargo like little stones or small toys.  And if this is just a little adventurous for you , put water in the bath and you can do the same.
19.  Paper aeroplane racing - choose a space where they can throw paper aeroplanes to their heart's content.
20.  Visit local heroes - the police, the fire station, lifeguards, ambulance workers. 

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  1. Such great ideas. It makes me miss the days my kids were young. They are all in college now. Where in South Africa do you live? My mother-n-law and other family is in Joburg and I will be there and in Cape Town for Women's Conferences in October.

  2. Hey that sounds great, live in Kalk Bay in the Western Cape - which conference are you attending? We should get together and have a coffee or you could visit our noisy household:)

  3. This is such a nice post and I plan to save it for my grandchild on her weekends with me. Thanks Melanie.

  4. It's a mind blowing experience love the post guys.

  5. I loved the way you organized them into outdoor and rainy day activities. We like to be outside as much as possible since we have such a long winter here. Thanks for sharing at the linkup at Heart of the Matter.



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