Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Out and About: Cape Town: Ceres Zip Slide Adventures

 With 3 boys who brave the seas off the False Bay Coast, well known for its shark infestation and who swim amongst jelly fish, blue bottles and dolphins - I couldn't expect anything else than a life full of adventure.  So what do I do - do I raise my boys to quietly sit at home all day, spend their days filled with computer screens (you know my thoughts on this) - protected and cooped up?

Of course not.  This mamma looks online all the time to find the next adventure.  I'm always looking for new ideas.  
 Then we found this adventure:  Ceres Zip Slide Adventures .  Which also just happens to have the longest Zipline Tour in Africa. 8 slides - 1,4 km long in total - suspended above the rocky outcrops of the Schurweberg Mountains below the Koekedouw Dam in Ceres.  - Now that looked like something they would love!  I wasn't sure that I would - I am seriously afraid of heights.  By the time I climb 3 rungs of a ladder I am already shaking at the knees wondering where the safety net is.

Casting aside my fear, we took a 2 hour drive to the "Eden of the Cape".  Fruit country!  Hot weather, picnic packed in the back and me in the front wondering when I should throw open the door and hurl myself out like someone out of a Mission Impossible movie. Could almost picture myself in slow motion landing on the tarmac without a scratch and then dusting myself off while wearing a tight sexy leather outfit looking gorgeous.  Mmmh not likely - more like polyester gone wrong:)  Anyway back to reality.

So we geared up.
You may notice that my 4th baby wasn't in on the photo.  Now interestingly enough, they cater for children from the age of 3, and there are special harnesses for them - which are linked to mom or dad. However Ruthie, recently went to the Muizenberg Water Slides for Chad's birthday and she didn't even want to go down the baby slides alone, there was no way that she would be happy doing this.

After all the harnessing and safety checks, we climbed into a van and headed up the mountain.

I don't think there were any of us that weren't nervous!

 And then it was too late to turn back.  There was just a cable and no where to go but down.
There goes Ethan, he always went first.  A real adventurer!
Don't be fooled, I was laughing and screaming hysterically at this point - really!
Chad's first slide alone!
Sean was the expert.  He always landed perfectly - what can I say - he's the man!
When I see Declan, I can see his dad's confidence and courage!  So relaxed.
After the first slide (which was hair raising) I could actually sit back in the harness and enjoy the moment!  Each slide is a different length and height.  Sometimes I seemed to fly through the air and I wondered if I could stop in time (which was all in my hands because I control the breaks).  And at other times it felt slower (relatively speaking of course because it never gets really slow)

The children would have liked to have gone over and over again.  They thought it was their best excursion yet!  And as far as I am concerned it definitely will be one of those adventures that will never be forgotten!  A definite memory moment!  
Memory moments is what I live for!
And if you want to see even more, Pasella recently visited the Ceres Zip Slide Tour Adventures too! 

And if you would like to win some tickets to experience this adventure:  we have 2 tickets available in our latest giveaway valued at R800

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend a family weekend together. Memory moments a photo can't express. Looks like you had fun. Would love to go ourselves sometime.


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