Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gold Nuggets No #5

Places I love to visit when I have a moment.  I cruise the web every day and I find gold nuggets, places I go back to frequently.  Some I visit and they are forgotten forever and some I like to go back to because they feed my soul, or my mind, or get me creating or just because.
 1.  You Version
Online or mobile bibles.  I love this because it gives you the choice of reading program you want to do.  You can read your bible in 90 days or 365.  You can be inspired by Joyce Meyers or a King James.  The added bonus is that you can go audio - which is super duper great.  I use it for bible in the morning with my children - because it does sound effects,  different voices for different characters and even background music to add to the atmosphere.  Much more pleasant than mom droning on and on.  I use my computer for the children and normally give them something creative or art related to do while they listen.  And they can easily listen for almost an hour at a time.

I use my mobile for when I do chores, I just plug in my earphones and listen, or when I am driving in the car, or waiting at the store.  No more excuses of not having time to get into the word.  Now you can use all of that "empty" time for growing in faith!  My bible time has increased by more than 200%.  What a wonderful way to saturate yourself with the word.

2.  God Tube
I used to watch You Tube and still do occasionally but I often find that you can open up a harmless video and then on the right hand side of the screen there are all sorts of dubious suggestions for you to watch.  God Tube allows me to watch lots of videos without that junk. I love all the comedy shows.  I used to watch one a day just to set the right tone!  Did wonders for my sense of humour and the kids love it too.
3. Desiring God
I find John Piper to be an anointed preacher and enjoy his outspoken approach to the gospel.  Enough said.  His website has so many resources including pod casts and PDF files that are really useful.

4. Neo K12
This is a lovely site for children, it is filled with educational videos and games.  My children have had so much fun watching things in slow motion, I enjoyed all the videos on China.  This is a great educational tool for rainy days, days where homeschooling is on a go slow - or just to change the tone and direction for children who are struggling to pay attention.

Happy Surfing!

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