Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gold Nuggets #4: Learning, Lenses and Life

Its been a busy week and its only Tuesday! Hope all of you are managing through your winter or summer.

Though its been impossibly hot in Cape Town, and its been a weekend of beaching and getting out and about, I still had some excellent sites that I really think are worth sharing

* 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free
As the title suggests there are LOADS of links and they include educating yourself (or your children) in the following subject areas: Science and Health, Business and Money, History and World Culture, Law, Computer Science and Engineers, Mathematics, English and Communications , Foreign and Sign Languages, Free E-Books.

You may not have the money to study further, but rather than give up - LEARN! Here you have the opportunity to learn about almost every conceivable subject.  I know that I love learning - and if it were up to me, I would be permanently enrolled in some long distance or online course.  This year though, its my husband's turn so I will need to be very supportive and ensure that the children are constructively occupied so that he has the time he needs to study.

* Smarter Kids Safer Kids Guide
This is a comprehensive book which has been one of the best resources I have seen on teaching children about being safe, how to handle dangerous situations and dealing with strangers. This online book is aimed at preventing children being victims of abuse or abduction. We do an exercise every day and I have seen a remarkable change in my children's behaviour already. This is the type of resource I want to go through every year and do a bit of a refresher.
We cover this digimag as part of our Life skills course.

This is a website with information on so many topics.  Writers create lenses, which allow you to learn from.  If you are homeschooling there are a long list of topics from lap booking to unit studies. And if you're not there are lots of other topics for you to spend hours and hours reading about.

Happy surfing!

And don't forget to head over and this week's giveaway for a real adventure and just in time for Valentine's Day - winners will be announced on Friday!


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