Thursday, October 6, 2011

Grant Celebrations : 11 years and counting

Children are truly a blessing from God.  They stretch us, challenge us, force us to problem solve, eat our budget (especially if you have big busy boys) but really they are just that - a blessing.

My eldest whose birthday we have just celebrated was our first blessing.  We met, we got engaged, got married and out he popped - a honeymoon baby.  Truly the fruit of our union. Special.

I love observing him - his flaming red hair, how he interacts with others, how he speed reads his novels (yes, a book a day is his current quota - mine on the other hand is probably one page),  the way he holds his sister's hand as they cross the street, his serious concentration as he ramps with his bicycle, does tricks with his J-Board and competes in Nippers, how he comes in for a hug in that I-still-want-to-look-cool-but-would-really-like-a-hug-sort-of-way.  Such a complex being with one simple need - to be loved.  When I look into those hazel eyes my chest feels like its going to explode with the love and joy I feel for him.  I could never have imagined how much I would love him, no one warned me that when you were blessed with a child you would lose your heart.

Of course its not always easy but oh those little moments are shadows of the wonder of such a child.  I love you Declan my precious son, my first born.

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