Thursday, October 13, 2011

Winners of the Vinolia Luxury Soap Giveaway

So there was no Mother Matters discussion group as we are sorting out technology and trying to find a platform that works the best - but we will be up and running again next week. However there were some winners that needed to be announced.

So for those of you that entered the Vinolia Luxury Soap Giveaway - the winners are:
Jenni C, Autumn Vine, Shelley, Aneesa
Well done all of you , I will be contacting you to get your postal details so keep an eye on your email.  

Look out for our next giveaway coming up next week!

Foreign Lands and a Sweet Smelling Weekend Giveaway

South Africa - a land with unique blends, fragrances, colours and food.  A unique culture.

After studying for 3 years at varsity, I left for foreign lands.  Now for those of you that have done this, you know what it's like.  Mom normally makes a package specially for you and either sends it via snail mail or with someone's-child-who-is-also-travelling-and-who-you-have-never-met-but-these-two-mothers-think-you-will-be-the-bestest-of-friends! NOT!

These packages were always very special, a taste from home.  A very South African parcel - the marmite, biltong, fizzers.... the list was always endless.

Now I had all of these but I had one other thing I always asked for - Vinolia soap.  Yes I know, sounds silly doesn't it?

But I love these fragrant soaps.

I love them because it leaves the most amazing fragrance on your skin after you've been in the bath or shower and especially at times when I haven't had perfume. I often sniff my skin (OK so I know I'm odd) because I love the smell so much!

I have been using these luxury soaps ever since I can remember.  The others on the market just seem to fade in comparison.  They cost a little more but they are definitely worth it.

So because I love this soap so much and wanted to offer it as a giveaway, I contacted Amka and asked them for a giveaway for some of our readers - and they gave me 4 packages!  Each giveaway has 4 luxury body soaps - Lavender,  Sandalwood,  Wild Rose and Angel Lilly.

I was not approached, bribed or offered all sorts of benefits for this little advertorial.
I just wanted to share one of my favourite things.

To enter this giveaway, just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:
“If you were far from your home country, what would you want your mother to send you in your parcel"
Would it be something to eat? Or would it be a special item from home?

Just comment and and you’re automatically entered to win these fragrant luxury soaps
One entry per person, please.
Winners will be selected at random and announced Wednesday evening at our Mother Matters Discussion Group.
This giveaway is open to everyone even if you live far far away! If you have won a giveaway before you are welcome to enter again! 


  1. Wow thanks :) I have never won a competition before! I don't know if you have any contact details for me tho, I will send you a PM on face book (we are both in the homeschoolers western cape group)


  2. Well glad to hear this will be the first, yes please pop me an email and I will send you your prize!

  3. Ameesa, pls urgently send me your details so I can get you your prize, haven't heard from you yet?

  4. Thanks, Mel, I received my price in good order. Already started using the green one. Mmmm, so nice.


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