Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out and About: International Kite Festival 2011

Once again we headed over to Muizenberg to go and look at the awesome kites at the International Kite Festival.  I think I have become a little jaded (Sean would say spoilt!) but I found this years one not nearly as awesome as last years kite festival but that didn't mean that my children didn't.  I know that when next year comes rolling in, we will definitely be there again.
 I couldn't resist joining the children's queue to get a photo with Scoooooobbbby Doooooo!  Don't tell Sean;)
And then there were some really cool dudes looking not too cool but don't tell them I said that:) Love them to bits.  Note Ruthie was not in this photo but she is terrified of big fluffy things walking around wanting to hug her.  She goes into a state of absolute panic and no one can convince her that that doggy is a nice doggy - who can blame her.  For her size he probably looks like a monster the size of a building.

After Scooby we headed off to look at some of the kites
We found some avid kite makers.  Aren't they just delightful? 

There was even a learning opportunity.  Of  course this is a homeschooling mom! We found the MTN Science Mobile which had the children puzzling and fiddling and trying to solve all sorts of riddles.
I love this look of absolute fascination.
As usual this was a big hit for our children.  I am starting to feel more and more like a local Capetonian, rather than a KwaZulu Natal expat as we expose our family to all the local flavour.  We are looking forward to the next big event - we LOVE events.

The next biggy is the Cape Dairy Experience which a new one and its all about - yes you guessed it - DAIRY!!  There will be some purebred dairy cattle and goats, animals paraded in a show ring, lots of butter AND yogurt AND cheese AND ice cream AND ice cream - did I mention there would be ice cream?  Added bonus - its only R30 per adult and children under the age are free. It's a Friday and Saturday and don't make the mistake of thinking that both days are the same, they're not. So it would be really worthwhile to go both days I am sure.

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