Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Peachy Read Aloud that has us in hysterics

“Wear the old coat; buy the good book.” C. S. Lewis is quoted to say.
So we read books, lots of them! Our children read alone (or pretend to in Ruthie's case), they read readers occassionally when we do a more structured reading lesson and we do at least 2 read alouds at any given time.  Now I know some of you are thinking - Declan has just turned 11, can't he read yet?
Of course he can, so much so that I have to remind him to eat, breath and shower daily.  If we were to allow it, he would never leave his room:0 
However we have a time daily where we read a book as a family.  This often means 6 in a our double bed with lots of "stop kicking me"...."mom Chad's taking up all the space".... "I'm falling off the bed" ... but we all manage to squeeze in (which is becoming more and more difficult as the children get bigger and bigger).  And I love it.  And then we read and read, and sometimes we don't want to stop reading and reading because a book is so entertaining.  We have one of those at the moment.  It's an oldie but a goodie.
James and the Giant Peach
  We are sooo enjoying the wonderful characters that Roald Dahl has created.  As usual they seem to have a lot of attitude and are so distinctive and memorable.  One cannot but help be drawn into this tale of extremes.  At times I found myself unable to even read as I giggle uncontrollably at some of his descriptions.  I read with different voices and really start to get into my characters which of course just has the children rolling around laughing so much that we have to stop to breath,  before we carry on.  
Some of my favourite characters in this book is surely Earthworm (wimpy, fearful, pessimistic and such a moaner), Centipede (bossy, unforgiving and a bit of a bully, with numerous shoes) and of course brave James who really grows in character, confidence and strength as the story progresses.
Opinions from the children:
(11)Each of the characters has a very different nature and that the earthworm is always so depressed. I also love that Roald Dahl makes it so funny.  What I don't like are the terrible aunts because they are always treating James like a slave.

Ethan: (9)
Well one reason I like the book is because the centipede is always commanding everyone to take his boots on and off and the worm is always complaining about things that don't actually happen.  The glow worm is always asleep when they tell her to switch off the light.

(7) I like the book because the worm always interrupts and says "I don't like this idea".  But the centipede is always saying carry on and saying "I like this part" because he knows the worm might get hurt.  Every time they have to go out and they have to go out through the top, the centipede says that they are going to be stuck there forever.  Ladybird is always telling everyone to be quiet.

(3) I like the book
. (and if you read between the lines, she does loves giggling at the boys while they are roaring with laughter)
We have read a number of Roald Dahl books are listened to them on Audio Books which is a great way to travel around.  We listen to audio books in the car and sometimes you want to just get into the car just so you can hear the next chapter.
Some of the other Roald Dahl books that we just adored and couldn't get enough of were:
 Danny the Champion of the World

  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Esio Trot

What is your favourite Roald Dahl book?

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  1. love your description of read aloud time...and i think the kids would vote for Charlie and the chocolate factory...your book review...carnival..looks like fun...

  2. I made the mistake of allowing my girls to watch the movie after we finished reading the book. What a waste of time! As always, the book is much better!

  3. Well thank goodness you did it after. We had just started reading Winn-Dixie, when the movie was available. We watched the movie and for the rest of the time in the book the children would say, "this is the part of...... in the movie". I eventually had to ask them not to refer to the movie anymore.


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