Friday, October 14, 2011

I don't feel like it!

Oh the days when we wake up and every part of our being shouts:  I DON"T FEEL LIKE IT!!!

Yes of course as mothers we always want to:
*  cook dinner
*  be homeschooling when other moms send their children to school
*  get out of bed in the morning
*  listen to the endless tales of woe about sibling offences
*  look pretty
*  be a noble woman as described in proverbs
*  be patient and kind, gentle and loving, considerate and unselfish

Well today I woke up and I thought I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!

!! I don't feel like making anyone anything...scratch in the cupboards and find something to eat!!!!

!! I didn't want to teach Maths, English or Zoology, in fact I seriously contemplated getting school application forms for next year but the thought of actually climbing into the car to do that - required just that little too much effort.

!! I wanted to curl up in bed with a good book and forget the rest of the world existed.

!! I pretended I didn't hear the bickering and fighting outside because I was tired of being the peacemaker when I was ready to start a war!

!! I didn't feel like putting on pretty clothes - I wanted to wear my most comfortable PJ's with the hole in the one leg, an over sized T-Shirt and mismatched socks (did not want to find the matching one that fell behind the couch last week)

!! Who is this noble woman in proverbs that makes us all look like idiotic, lazy, incapable women anyway?  I would love to meet the woman who has forever made me out to be lacking.

!! I want to shout, to scream, to huff and to puff and to blow someones house down - not my own of course because I still want to vegetate like a big sprawling couch potato.

 And then I had an epiphany (clever word that - makes me sound incredibly intelligent)- IT'S OK.  
The world won't fall apart if they eat non-organic colourant rich cereal for a day. 
My children won't be sad, lost individuals if they don't learn today why birds have funny wings that enables them to fly, while we just fall to the ground as we flap our arms wildly.  
 A bed is a good place for a book, even if it means reading it out loud to my children.  
  I don't have to be the peacemaker, let someone else do that or leave them until they run out of arguments.  
I don't have to look pretty for a day - after all you can't tell me that Sean has not seen the worst of me when I wake up up in the morning.  Only movie stars look glamorous in the morning - most of us smell funny, look funny and scare other people.  
The noble woman was just that - a noble woman.  I am Mel Grant, and nobility is not in my blood - after all I'm a mother.  There's nothing noble about mopping, cooking and cleaning runny noses.  
And finally best to keep the piglets far away from the big bad wolf, and let me be! After all tomorrow is a new day and then maybe I'll be a Sleeping Beauty...


  1. Thank you, just what I needed. I wish i did not get up, stayed in bed, so good to hear I'm not the only one. Bad day...
    Became lots better when I saw that I'm a winner!!!

  2. So glad to hear that I helped make your day a bit better!

  3. Oh Mel, you at least have the wonderful grace to always look on the bright side! Thanks for the humour, and the honesty I'm encouraged to know I'm not the only one who sometimes just wants to curl up in bed with a good book, or wear my pj's all day! I do hope tomorrow is a brighter day!

  4. Oh it got better and better, Sean took the kids out, I bathed in candlelight and he has just made supper - definitely winning me over from the dark side to the light!

  5. AAH Husbands! I was having a "big bad wolf" day like you mentioned and was in the middle of shouting at one of the kids for irritating me. Hubbie came up behind me, kissed me on the head and asked if he could do anything for me. Now that's grace!I skipped around like Cinderella for the rest of the day :)

  6. Joni, I so know what you mean,husbands are sometimes so gracious aren't they. They seem to know just how to take the fire out of a day!


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