Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gold Nuggets #6 : Great Art Sites

Treasure treasure treasure.  I love finding online treasure.  And this weeks one's are goodies and they're all about art.  I have very little artistic talent in the conventional sense - I don't know how to paint too well , I sometimes forget how to mix colours, and my idea of a portrait would be a stick figure with ponytails.  However I do not want to disadvantage my children in any way and am always looking out for ways to encourage artistic expression - which could be in the form of arts and crafts, painting or sculpting.  With this in mind I have found some awesome awesome sites.
Though we do a lot of free art such as box construction, free expression and drawing - the type of activities I prefer to do with them are opportunities for them to learn and develop a diversity of skills to express their creativity.  And here are some of the sites I visit frequently and some that I have just discovered that I am dying to try out!

Deep Space Sparkle - Art lessons for Kids
What's fantastic about her site is that her lessons are original and beautiful.  They are arranged according to Grade and this art teacher puts all her art lessons into practise at the school she works at.  When I see the type of art her children are producing, I am awestruck. She also sells her lessons in packs for a mere $5 and they look great!

Art Projects for Kids
This website also offers daily art lesson plans - which I find especially useful for the younger children and if you want to buy individual lessons they are also for sale.  I subscribe to her feed and so get all my lessons in my inbox and then decide which ones I feel like doing.

The Crafty Crow
This is a collection of thousands of crafting ideas. So many innovative ideas, you could be busy for years if you were to try all of them.  These ideas are submitted by readers, bloggers and anyone really with a crafty idea.  In fact if you come up with your own arts and crafts idea, this would be the place to submit it!

Disney Family Fun
They have some lovely crafts on this site, some of them with videos and if you stay on this site long enough you'll find a treasure of recipes, printables and game ideas.

If you have found any great art sites, please share by leaving a comment!  

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