Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marriage Moments

When he reaches out to you, how do you react?  When he tries to hold you, do you push him away or run into his arms?

I know that parenting, housekeeping, cooking, cleaning and all the other responsibilities you have as a wife - are exhausting.  I get exhausted.  I often reach the end of my tether on a very short rope.  And after I have given myself to all these things - there are times in the day where my husband reaches out to me for affection, intimacy -  a moment. 
How I respond in that moment, will often determine our intimacy-metre for the day and sometimes the week.  Could it really, you ask?  Oh yes, because sometimes that moment is the only moment in the whole day where we can touch, embrace or kiss .  It's the moment where you step onto the bridge that moves you from friendship to lovers.  I often refer to my husband as my best friend - and this is important too - but he is my passionate lover.  Though I can have many friends - I can only have one lover. 

A one-of-a-kind relationship - needs to be nurtured, treasured, appreciated and  protected.
And the first step to protecting - is embracing marriage moments........

stop the mundane, for the moment
a kiss, and then another and another...

a hug, a cuddle, an intimate whisper

holding hands, small touches, teasing glances

Take that moment and don't let go 

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