Monday, July 30, 2012

Great Calendars for Children

There is so much that is celebrated or remembered from history.  Each of them a learning experience and an opportunity to make your homeschooling experience fun and relevant.  Looking back is so useful as it reminds children that who we are today is a result of who has gone before us.  Also children often think things just exist and it's a lovely reminder that someone discovered or invented  an item before it could exist.  I have found some lovely calendars and use one or all of them at the same time.
Calendars are great for any homeschooling mother.  You could use it for circle time, or just to start the day.  I find that it opens up all sorts of discussions and also for topics for your journal.  The best way to use these is a daily practice.  And for those of you that unschool this is really a great opportunity to open up doors of interest for further study.

Here are some of the best online calendars I have found so far:

I love this one, colourful, relevant and with the occasional website which is great for further reading.  This is definitely my favourite.
This calendar is more like a crafting calendar based on what's happening.  This is a great one if you are looking to do arts and crafts with your children more frequently.

Though not quite a monthly calendar this calendar is for summer, fun activities to make summer holidays exciting and entertaining!  I know we are experiencing a South African winter at the moment but many of these can be used for any season or any day when you want to avoid book work at all costs.  (yes those days happen too)
Lots of links, too many to even mention
This is another great site with lots of arts and crafts, also unit study approaches to some of the topics.
Blogger Se7en +1 has also created her own calendars and in fact every month she will give you a free calendar to print, as well as loads of links to books that complement any of the mentioned events.
I would definitely use this site in conjunction with the other calendars. This one does quizzes and questionnaires on the events.  So it requires some reading or research before you could actually attempt some of these.
Reading is fundamental has created a calendar which encourages your children to read a book, do research or look online for more information about any of the topics listed.  You could have your children reading all day and I really think that this will help with encouraging a more active reading style, without very much effort on your part.

PBS Kids - Raising Readers
This one is definitely aimed at younger children but such lovely activities and a lot of outdoor fun things to do!
These guys offer you a food and holiday calendar which you can download and print off.  Great for putting up against your wall.

Have you found any others?  Please leave a comment and share!

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