Saturday, July 28, 2012

Recipe: Natural homemade air freshener with oranges, cloves and cinnamon

I have a very sensitive nose.  I don't like smelliness.  I am constantly telling my children to brush their teeth over and over again, I spray way to much deodorant or perfume on myself because I like to smell nice.  I buy things to make my house smell nice, toilet tablets for the toilets, potpourri for between my clothes, toilet spray for the bathrooms, essential oils for the counters and floors.  I know this may sound odd but don't imagine that I vapourize everything at the same time!  I'm not that bad.
But I also am so aware of how many of these things are full of chemicals that fill the air and fill my children's lungs.  And so I am always looking for something natural and not harmful to us or our environment.  And then I stumbled on this recipe idea for making a natural homemade air freshener.  I wish I could remember where I had found it, though it's probably common knowledge to many of you.

With it being winter, there are plenty of oranges around.  I use the oranges my children have already eaten.  (so no wasting of oranges, just re-using the skins).

Recipe for a natural homemade air freshener
Orange peels of about 2 to 3 oranges (I am sure you could use lemons too)
Whole cloves (3)
1/2 cinnamon stick
Water and a pot

I simply let this simmer and it releases the most amazing fragrance.  It fills the air with the richness of spices laced with orange - and it's wonderful.  When I feel like it's done it's job, I switch it off and leave it to cool.  I might decide to heat it up again later in the day.    Normally a small pot like this will last for about 2 days(I just leave it on the stove and heat it up when I want to).  After I am finished, I remove all the bits and put the water in a spray bottle.  I then use it as a cleaning spray which gives the house a lovely citrus smell which I use for counters and for mopping the floor.

Simple but delightful and of course for those of you who struggle with pests like ants - this is a win win situation because they detest oranges.

What natural methods do you use for making your house smell lovely?  I would love some more ideas

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