Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to get your child to read - Part 2

Previously I posted about how to get your children reading and hopefully you have had the opportunity to put some things in place.  For those of you with short term memories like me:  Some of the ideas included 

*  Putting Books Everywhere 
*  Getting a Variety
*  Reading to them A LOT
*  Dress Up when you read to your children
*  Go to the library often- and not just for books
*  Choose books for them

So now for part 2, yes you thought you had all the tools - but there are more.

Reading is such a vital part of a child's life!  When they can read they can do Maths, Geography, Science or any other subject because there is comprehension and understanding. 

So here are a few more thoughts on how to help your child read and enjoy it!

1. Creative spaces for reading
Beauty is inspirational.  Beauty can make a moment - a memory moment where reading can take place.  

I found some amazing spaces on Pinterest (yes I am seriously addicted), so many beautiful ideas to pin.
Fairy lights just make this reading corner so special, fairy lights make everything special.  I love fairy lights!  This is truly whimsical! Never mind for the children, I want a space like this.

Reading Tents, easy to make! I know my boys would love this

 And if you don't have a budget to buy material and wood, why not just throw a sheet over an area where your children can simply read and read?
Budget reading tent
And for some more beautiful ideas (or more boyish ones - because I know the girl in me loves all the pretty stuff that boys don't always enjoy) for shelving and decor for a reading space, you can check out on my Get them Reading Board

2.  E- Books

OK so what's the difference you ask?  

Well isn't it funny that the moment it becomes electronic their interest increases.  Get yourself a Kindle/ Nook or iPad - if you can afford one.  (I am still holding my breath for Father Xmas who still hasn't arrived with mine and may be barred from ever entering my house again if he doesn't arrive soon).
But never fear, now you can get an app for your computer, so that even if you don't have the equipment, you can still use your computer in a similar way. 

3.  Computer programs

I have posted before about Reading Eggs which has just been one my best finds ever! But there are so many others.  Some of them are free, some of them cost a packet.  Ask around, find out what others are using.  If your children are like mine, anything on a computer is a winner.  Even Ruthie who is only 3 is already fascinated with the computer.( I will post about reading sites a later post- notice the lack of dates, I have so many posts and these chubby fingers can only type so fast)

4.  Mom and Dad, Siblings and Grandparents - well actually just about anybody
Grab anyone who is available to read.  I don't always have capacity or time to read to all my children all the time, so find someone who will. And if they are especially patient individuals let them have their younger sibling read to them.  

Please note:  this works sometimes and other times there have been enormous arguments because the one sibling is telling the other sibling what to do:) or maybe it just happens in our house....

5.  "How to do" books
If it's Lego its Declan
if it's J-Boarding or fishing it's Ethan,
if its baking its Chad 
and if it has anything to do with princesses - then its definitely Ruthie
(that does go without saying - but thought I needed to say that anyway)

My children each have their own interests but if I happen to take a book out on how to build, make or catch something - or in the case of the only daughter in the house - how to make herself look like a princess, I find I have 4 very avid readers.

Give it a try.  You would be amazed.  Of course you may be expected to buy ingredients, take your child fishing and help him put that slimy worm on his hook, or endure endless changes of clothing - but you will have them hooked.  (couldn't resist)

6. Movies with subtitles
Which means:  This will work if your child is interested in movies and wants to know what is going on.

So there you have it, in brief - 6 good ways to help your child to read.  And in fact not just read but love reading. 

And one last thing, I hope you remembered to enter the Reading Eggs Giveaway!  There's still time!

I would love to hear from you as to what works for you?  How do you encourage your child to read?  
Bribery?  Dedicated reading times?  Lots and lots of books?


  1. Thank you for this lovely post! What works well for us is a lot of what you mentioned - we have special reading "corners" or spaces around the house and in the play room. We have books freely available that appeal to everyone all over the house - in every room and in the car always - baby even has some placed in his cot during sleep time so that they are there when he wakes up. I let my kids see me reading, they see me gleefully buying books or going to the library. They hear me talk about the books too. We have shared reading time, where we read a book everyone taking turns - even if just to tell the story from the pictures. And if there is a movie of the book avail we watch that together after we have read the book and do a little comparison. My boys all love books and I hope that never fades!

  2. Sounds like you need to write part 3 for me! Well done on all that you do. I agree fully with the setting an example. My children do what I do. In good and bad, when I read they read. Unfortunately when I spend too much time in front of the telly or computer so do they!

    1. yeah we have that too - DH has his own IT company that I help run and my business is also online so they see we are always on the PC and so it's extended to them being very proficient on the PC from very young. Luckily they still love to play outside so I'm kinda hoping it balances out! hahaha.

  3. Both my boys HATE reading with a passion thanx to private school pressures. Unfortunately my eldest is a bit too old for this, but I'm definitely going to try it out with my little one. After 18 months of homeschooling he's only now starting to show a very slight interest in books at very rare occasions. I've even started reading "The Magic Treehouse" range to him on my Kindle app in the hope that it will tweak his interest...

  4. We LOVE books and read many a day - it's pretty much like breathing in our home!! But we did something interesting today and I was quite surprised by the effect: I had ordered a new copy of a very well-loved book, since ours was literally falling apart. For the latest edition, the publisher had used a different illustrator, so same beloved story, brand new (and much nicer pictures). I was a little apprehensive about how the children would react, but wouldn't you know it, the new edition also came with a hand puppet of the main character, a cheeky little crocodile. So we read the story as always, but every time the crocodile spoke, I let the puppet do the talking. The children were riveted!! Will definitely be looking into adding a few more 'props' like this here and there (not too often though, I think the magic of books are quiet sufficient in most cases, but this was a really fun little addition to our story time enjoyment!)

  5. These are great suggestions! Our little one is only 6 months old, but we have been reading to him pretty much since birth. He's so accustomed to it now he takes it like any other activity that we do (although he recently has started to try to eat the books- ha!).

  6. Well at least he has a positive experience with his books, hopefully they taste good;))


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