Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nutcracker on Ice and Homeschooling

So you heard about our wonderful experience when we were invited to the World Premier of The Nutcracker on Ice, and of course like the good homeschooling mother that I am, I am VERY good and telling everyone else how to do things.  So I am going to tell you how you can take an experience like this and turn into an educational moment.  Of course the whole experience in itself is educational in nature but if you want to take it a step further here are some ideas.

A composer study of Tchaikovsky
 * You could even create a mini book on Tchaikovsky.

*  Read the different versions of the story of the Nutcracker to your children which you can get from the library.  

* Printable lesson plan for the Nutcracker which includes turning a pine cone into a Xmas Tree

Make some Nutcracker puppets

Mapwork: Russia and surrounds, take out some books on Russia

A quick quiz

Listen to the music

Crafts:  Make a Nutcracker from a toilet roll


  1. Thanks so much! We are going to see it next week and this will come in very handy for afterwards!

  2. Ah I am almost envious, I loved it soooo much I just want to go back and watch it again!

  3. Jy's 'n Engel. We are going this Sunday and all of us can't wait. I am not creative at all and was wondering what I can do with them. Thank You!!! Thank you!!! Comien Horn


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