Monday, January 9, 2012

Your Homeschool Rooms

So I showed you my Homeschool Room of Dreams , then I showed you Our little ol' homeschooling room in South Africa,  And now its time for your submissions of what your learning space looks like.

And we had two delightful submissions.  The first one is from Trixi's HomeEd Academy

I love all the poster.
Books and more books! 
And this one from Elize van der Merwe

"Our room has changed a little bit, with a "picture timeline" of the Bible - old to new testament right at the top of two walls. I have also been able to use an old baby changing station with drawers for storing all our crayons, paints, paper, magazines, etc. so it looks a bit neater. This is now in the place of the little table underneath the shelves.

School happens either at our dining room table or on the stoep in front. But we need to renovate this space, and put a permanent roof on, as it only has shade netting at the moment. Then it would be ideal for everything we want to do, from painting to building blocks, etc.

I also bought blackboard paint and made one huge blackboard that we put either on the floor or on top of a table, and another more manageable one that can go with when we visit granny (10hrs away). It is big enough for the two boys to draw simultaneously, so no fighting about whose turn it is - I just draw a line down the middle."

 Thank you to both of you for sending in your lovely photos!  As for the rest of you, there is still time to submit your photo's

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  1. Love these inspiring rooms (especially yours!). We have never been able to use a separate room to homeschool. My dream is to have one right near the kitchen dining room, perhaps with big french doors to make it adjoin the main living space.


    Jill Farris (mom of 8, homeschooler for 22 years)


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